J Maverick 16’s website

Hi, I’m J Maverick 16 and I’m using the FlightGear flight sim since July 2012, which made me an aviation lover and enthusiast.
Since then, I always tried to improve my flight skills and had fun while flying with others and sharing experience and knowledge with other aviation-passionated people like across the world, learning every day new stuff.

I decided to create this Google+ page because I want to share what I do and what I love, not only in FlightGear, but also in real life.

About real life, I’m a 17-year-old student in Northern Italy who attends a Scientific High School and loves (apart from aviation) music, photography, informatics and outdoor life.
You can also find me on the various forums related to FlightGear, on YouTube, on GitHub (where I mainly submit my development works), on Instagram @jmaverick16_official, on Twitter @J_Maverick16 and on Imgur where I share some of the many screenshots I take in FG.

More stuff

Work in progress…